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Washington SAY Super Premier Soccer League is here!

We’re excited to offer a new direction in soccer and many unique opportunities to the soccer community here in the Pacific Northwest.

Traditional youth soccer generally falls into two categories, low cost community centered soccer and high cost select soccer. Both models have benefits, but also have deficits. WASAY youth leagues are designed to take the best of both models to provide unlimited opportunity for elite players.

WASAY SPL was created with the intention to build community through soccer and to improve the quality of the player and the game. The league is modeled after international soccer communities, where individual development is valued and youth players are on a path to becoming competitive on the global pitch.

Premier Sponsor

Premier Sponsor


Our Story...

Alex Kajumulo founded WASAY in 2014 when he recognized serious deficiencies and inequalities in the current American youth leagues. Alex was concerned that so many children and young adults were not getting the opportunity to play high level competitive soccer. He went to the national association, SAY Soccer, and convinced them to partner with him to create a premier league here in Washington state that would serve the kids all over the Pacific Northwest. His focus is to reach out to kids far and wide who are not served by the 'pay-to-play' model. His mission is to make premier soccer coaching and competition available to kids from all backgrounds and to help players achieve their dreams to play soccer at the highest level possible. In the fall of 2014, he also began the PASS Academy with only a handful of motivated players. The Player Academy for Skills and Strategy (PASS) was born out of a deep desire to develop youth players who love the game and are passionate about playing at the college or national level.

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