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Congratulations 2018 PASS Academy and Pre Academy Players


 2018 PASS Academy Players

Girls High School 

Macy Neal
Elizabeth Iwicki
Brynn  Van Orden
McKenna Myers
Grace Spellman
Zoe Potter
Abbigail  McBroom
Celina Madrid
Alexis Anderson
Raylynn Bucher
Kaitlyn Harvey
Aspen Valentine
Sophia  Connell
Brooklyn Koss
Emma Mulligan
Shalece Easley
Amanda Beier
Allie Baribault
Daneille Grinstead
Eleanor Brosius
Shira Zur
Tierra Lambert
Autumn Lambert
Gracie  Lee
Ruth Ann Edrington


Girls 03

Abbey  Selstrom 
Grace Russell
Kylie  Newman
Tessa Thornton
Ava Jakich-Kunze
Abbie Knapp
Ellie Knapp
Emma Spence
Baeza Lakew
Heather Campbell
Kendall Forseth
Alana Budd
Macy  Finn 
Sophia Stanton
Alison Gautreaux
Kira  Apodaca 


Girls 04/05

Oleanna Liaboe
Kenna Harrington
Alexia Rodriguez-Burdeaux
Katie Grutz
Maia Keith
Kyleigh Archer
Cadence Peroff
Ava Jensen
Samantha Mudge
Mya Joseph
Riley Walton
Rebekah  Hines 
Jasmine Carothers
Kaia Vorenkamp
Simone White
Alise Castaneda
Della Abler
Mirabelle Lubin
Hadley West
Madison  Strother
Olivia Azzolini



Boys High School

Kibrom Tesfagergis
Gabriel Cantero
Shawn McKeeken
Samuel Alemayhu
Edward Guzman
Manuel Aguilar
Rowan Medlock
Abbi Lelago
Alexis  Arellano
Roberto Rosales 
Dempsey Brewer
Jorge Torres
Charlie Clemans
Alejandro Borges
Rune Van Caeneghem
Brooks Schaaf
Jakob Wiersma
Patricia Powers
LaQuan  Crump 
Caleb  Bakken
Aldo Matines
Logan Nelson
Colby Gillin
Noah Taigen
William Denny 
Christian Torres
Nasip Satkeev
Martin Kojo Dadzie
Jack Davis
Sergey Barrios
Sergey Barrios
Eric Riley
Nabil Abdel-Rahman
Zachary Somers
Micah Kleppe
Nate Balauro
Alex Alvarenga
Caden Seyler
Lance Riley
Brandon Day
Bridger McMahon
Liam Petefish
Noah Galow
Dawson Heuett
Christian Mathuzima
Christian Mathuzima
Ryan Stegman
Luis Lopez
Alexander Lundin
Yahir Parra
Andrew Ferreira
Lazaro  Verrier Luna
John Paul Robertson
Joe Sluis
Nicholas                         Riviera  
Evan  Bakken


Boys 03/04

Abel Bereket
Yonas Mekonnen
Yamlak Gebre
Ronan Lynch
Elliot Palmer
Abner  Hernandez
Joyce Moyer
Edwin Solares-Xona
Trevor  Belanger
Isaac  Lopez
Alexavier  Mejia
Jubenal Ceballos 
Teagen Schierman
Brock McBroom
Thomas Coleman
Joshua Jordan
Ryan Senger

Boys 05

Jasper Marsh
Alejandro Mendoza
Luke Cheng
Trevor Robertson
Benjamin Cruz 
Christopher Lundin
Jorge Nunez jr
Brady Profit
Joshua Grentz
Angelo Soto-Parra
Yishak Bereket
Aldo Vazquez Salazar
Liam Stewart
Cohen Storch
Isaias Solares-Xona
Dylan  Radke


 Pre Academy Pool Boys & Girls 

Gavin Lee
Elijah  Burns
Cristian Chel Lara
Giusseppe  Mercado
Tanner Summers
Ermias  Samson
Bayron  Nunez
Tyler Belanger
Anishka Kanjilal
Elliot Falor
Leo Goldes
Anthony Jose Silva
Adrian  Jaimes Montenegro
Logan Hendershott 
Kaleb Butterfield
Rylan Nelson
David Lubin
Israel Lopez
Barok Gebre
Quentin Gerard
Dean Jordan
Tucker Robertson
Kasey  Toevs
Austin Stephens
Kai Tronson
Reese Scheppler
Malachi Crotty
Morgan Grutz
Joaquin Cervantes
Patrick Pottorf
Johnny  Hernandez
Anthony Salazar
Chloe Watts
Avery  Grutz
Naffie  Camara
Alyanna Macfarlane
Ingrid Sorensen
Gia Macfarlane
Spokane Area Futsal Training

Washington SAY Super Premier Soccer League is here!

We’re excited to offer a new direction in soccer and many unique opportunities to the soccer community here in the Pacific Northwest.

Traditional youth soccer generally falls into two categories, low cost community centered soccer and high cost select soccer. Both models have benefits, but also have deficits. WASAY youth leagues are designed to take the best of both models to provide unlimited opportunity for elite players.

WASAY SPL was created with the intention to build community through soccer and to improve the quality of the player and the game. The league is modeled after international soccer communities, where individual development is valued and youth players are on a path to becoming competitive on the global pitch.

Premier Sponsor

Premier Sponsor


Our Story...

Alex Kajumulo founded WASAY in 2014 when he recognized serious deficiencies and inequalities in the current American youth leagues. Alex was concerned that so many children and young adults were not getting the opportunity to play high level competitive soccer. He went to the national association, SAY Soccer, and convinced them to partner with him to create a premier league here in Washington state that would serve the kids all over the Pacific Northwest. His focus is to reach out to kids far and wide who are not served by the 'pay-to-play' model. His mission is to make premier soccer coaching and competition available to kids from all backgrounds and to help players achieve their dreams to play soccer at the highest level possible. In the fall of 2014, he also began the PASS Academy with only a handful of motivated players. The Player Academy for Skills and Strategy (PASS) was born out of a deep desire to develop youth players who love the game and are passionate about playing at the college or national level.

WASAY Super Premier League Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Official Site for WASAY Super Premier League and PASS Academy?

Washington SAY    
6016 Sand Point Way NE     
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Seattle, WA 98115    
O: 206-566-5135  F: 206-582-2978